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Publication of GPSAR Blind Test Data

Februar 2024 | GPSAR + Blind Test Data

In our Newsletter 12/2023 we have published GPSAR results with ground truth of various buried dummy objects for testing and training of e. g. AI-based detectors. Some groups worked on our data and gave us very interesting and valuable feedback. Many thanks to these groups.

In this newsletter, we provide four GPSAR datasets from a field test in a very realistic scenery without ground truth. Two different tiles (i.e., areas) have been GPSAR-processed with two measurement flights each. With our own CFAR-based detector we can find the buried objects in this dataset with a detection rate of approximately 80%. The buried objects consist of can lids, aluminum cylinders and cookie cans, as described in the following table (see also the training data published in 12/2023).

“Ideal” anti-personnel mine (APM) dummy for GPR. Aluminum can lid, diameter of 7.1cm, buried at -5cm depth.

APM dummy: Aluminum cylinder, diameter 84mm, height 30mm, buried at -5cm depth.

Anti-vehicular mine (AVM) dummy: Cookie can, diameter 18,7cm, height 10cm, buried at -20cm depth.

We invite interested groups to look for detections in the datasets using their algorithms and provide us with their results via E-Mail ( We in turn will provide feedback about true and false positive detections. Note that only a few (<10) objects are present in each tile. The data is presented in the same format after the same basic SAR processing as described in our 12/2023 newsletter. The data can be downloaded from our data server using the following link and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International.

The blind test consists of four datasets, saved as separate MAT files:

Dataset #



Size of processed area




6m x 6m




6m x 6m




11m x 5m




11m x 5m


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