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Ground Penetrating
Synthetic Aperture Radar


Our FM-GPSAR (ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar) allows detecting and localizing of buried objects from a safe flight altitude of a few meters over the ground. It can automatically scan larger areas. 
The GPSAR allows the detection of objects below the ground surface or hidden in dense vegetation. Penetration depth, however, decreases strongly in wet environments. With the GPSAR-system there is no need for a vehicle or a person entering an hazardous area for an exploration. The key issues of the system are localization accuracy, radar dynamic range, sensor synchronization and computationally intensive tomography-like data processing. Suspicious locations from GPSAR can be classified further by our drone-carried metal detector.

  • UAV with ground penetrating radar in frequency range 1GHZ – 4GHz

  • Ground range resolution by radar bandwidth

  • Cross range resolution by synthetic aperture

  • Depth resolution by DEM-based ground modelling and multiple perspectives

  • Deep cut images up to -20cm obtained after intensive offline processing

  • Algorithms require accurate (+/-1cm) flight path reconstruction

  • GPSAR offline processing requires powerful computing system.

  • Search flight speed 2700m²/h

  • Processing time 3h..30h per one h search flight

  • Processing depending on voxel resolution and observed depth span

  • Typical voxel resolution 1cm – 5cm

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